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The Whip is one of the most versatile West Coast Swing Patterns and can have many variations.

Gentleman's Footwork West Coast Whip

The gentleman starts with his left foot and steps off to the side for the count of "1", stepping out of the slot. He brings his feet together for the count of "2", then does a tap to the side with his left foot for the count of "3". On the count of "4" he steps back into the slot with his left foot. He then walks 2 steps in place for "5, 6" as he rotates 180 degrees. He then finished the basic whip pattern off with a triple step for the counts of "7, &, 8"

Lady's Footwork West Coast Whip

The lady begins by stepping forward on her right foot for the count of "1". She steps side on the count of "2" with her left foot. With her right foot she begins her first coaster step, which

covers counts "3, & 4". She steps with her left foot on the count of "5" turning 180 degrees on the step, then steps back on her right foot for the count of "6". She finished off the basic whip with a 2nd coaster step for the counts of "7, &, 8".

Many additional variations to the basic West Coast Whip can be lead using this same footwork for both the gentleman and the lady.

See Videos on West Coast Swing Whip Patterns and West Coast Basic Steps.

Heel or Toe Leads in West Coast

West Coast Swing is the most improvisational of all the ballroom dances. Consequently there are some things that can be determined by the individual style or choice of the dancers. In West Coast one of those things is whether to use heel or toe leads.
1. Using toe leads in your West Coast steps results in more hip action in the look of your steps.
2. Heel leads results in more grounding to you steps, but dancers need to avoid getting too clunky a look.
3. Many dancers opt for a combination of heel and toe leads in doing West Coast, depending on the step and the personal look and style they want to achieve.
While different instructors may prefer heel leads or toe leads, the important thing to remember is that with West Coast, whether you do heel or toes leads, or a combination of both is really a matter of personal style and choice, whereas with most other ballroom dances, it is very important to the dance that heel or toe leads be used in the appropriate places.


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