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Part of the fun of doing Latin dances like Rumba, Cha Cha, Merengue, Mambo, and Salsa is achieving that characteristic and sexy swaying of the hips. We call this rhythmic Latin-style hip-action "Cuban Motion", and it lends authenticity to our Latin dances, as well as to Rhythm dances like Swing. But it is incorrect to strive to achieve this movement by consciously trying to "shake your hips."

The correct way is to let this body movement arise naturally as a result of the bending and straightening of your knees, as you do your dance steps. As you step and bend your right knee, your opposite hip (left) rises. You step again, on your left foot, bending your left knee, and your right hip naturally rises. This is what Cuban Motion is all about. It's all in your legs and knees.

Video 1 shows you exactly what Cuban Motion looks like in various ballroom dances and step by step how to do it, whether your dance steps are in place, side to side or forward and back. In Video 2 you will also see our instructors dance to music, doing the Rumba. Cuban Motion is especially important in Rumba. The slow tempo showcases the sensuous hip action and demonstrates why Rumba is called the "dance of love."

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