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In music the term Salsa, much like the term jazz, is often used to describe a fusion of different rhythms. Use of the word "Salsa" came into being in the 1960's as a way to promote and market Latino music. And while the musical heritage for Salsa music has its roots in Cuba, much of the credit for bringing recognition for Salsa music and dance to global attention must be given to Puerto Ricans, specifically those in New York. They brought Salsa to world attention during the 60's and promoted it, and today Salsa, in it's many forms, is popular world wide.

Ballroom style Salsa is a dance done with three steps to 4 beats of music, with the forth beat being a "hold", or can be an improvised kick or flick. One of the most frequently used patterns in Salsa dancing is the basic Underarm Turn. The video shows how this turn is done, demonstrating footwork for both the gentleman and lady and showing the lead and follow positions for arms. You will then see Salsa danced to music.


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* Text Instructions on doing the Salsa Underarm Turn

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