See how much fun it is to learn to dance at TC Dance Club Kansas City. Our Instructional Dance Videos show you how to do the basic and intermediate dance steps for individual ballroom dances, the gentleman's part and the lady's. The video also shows you correct ballroom dance frame and gives you tips on technique and style, and you'll see our dance instructors do those steps to music.

See the Dance Done features members of the TC Kansas City Teaching Staff demonstrating how beautiful the dance can be. Danced by our professionals, these videos incorporate all levels of ballroom steps including Silver and Gold level patterns, showing you what you too can do when you learn to dance with us here at TC!


Basic Steps

West Coast Swing


EC Swing * Rumba

Am. Tango

Push Pull

Merengue * Foxtrot

Salsa Underarm Turn

Waltz Hesitations

EC Swing Basket

Cha Cha

Cha Cha Crossover Break

Foxtrot Rt. & Left Box Turns

Salsa Backspot Turn

Waltz Open Twinkle


West Coast Whips

Salsa Swivels * Bolero Aida

Foxtrot Quarter Turns

Salsa Combination


Samba Copacabana

Cha Cha Triple Progressives

Foxtrot Criss Cross

Scallop Pattern in Rumba & Cha Cha

Tango Progressive Rocks

West Coast Swing
Underarm Turn & Side Pass

Merengue Separation & Underarm Turn

Rumba Open Cuban Walks from 5ths

Tango Flair Promenade

Merengue Promenade



Waltz * Foxtrot * American Tango * West Coast Swing *

TC Dance Club Kansas City has a featured video each month. Check back to see more ballroom dances and how much fun it can be to dance at TC. Be sure to visit our Dance Tips page.



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